Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Revised due date - April 29th

According to an ultrasound today, the new due date is April 29th. I will reset all my blog tickers sometime soon. Of course, maybe my GP will say something different. Now I'm back at 7 weeks on the nose! I had April 21st from my first prenatal appointment- but that wasn't my regular GP and they had made the prediction without accounting for my actual cycle length. It just seems kind of crazy that my LMP was July 16th and I'm only 7 weeks pregnant.
The predicted due date is just that - a prediction, but you tend to fixate on it anyway. I still remember Rebecca's due date, even though she chose not to respect it at all. I guess my frustration stems a bit from my hatred of the first trimester. I really find it the worst part of the pregnancy - it seems endless, you worry about the risk of miscarriage, you feel crappy, you are tired, you want to barf all day long, you don't look pregnant enough to reap special attention and pampering and can't justify using the special parking spot, digestive upset etc. .There is no jolly fat, hard as a rock belly, but you do have no waist, and slack muscles in your body.
So here is the reason I had an ultrasound - which was otherwise scheduled for the end of September. I started having an intermittent, mild but unignorable pain in the lower right quadrant of my tummy on Sunday at midday. By Monday night, it still kept reappearing, and I decided it would be prudent to call the Telehealth line. So, I ended up going to the hospital with Greg on Monday night slightly after midnight and didn't get home until four. I was palpated, I peed into cups, and I had a quick and dirty ultrasound. While we were gone, we had a close friend watch Becca -which was a godsend. Although, she did wake up and freak out. They had basically determined that things were fine after this first trip, but they wanted me to have a second ultrasound on a pickier machine just to be 100% sure everything was where it should be. That ate up my afternoon. I tried to sleep between the two forays, but someone shoved a plastic Elmo drinkbox in my face at 9am, followed by a Winnie the Pooh book. Fair enough. This was a not fun day, but was ultimately reassuring, and the best part was that I got to see Babootwo for the first time (Smudge-like naturally). I saw the heart beating - a quick and happy flickering. And it made me realize that not only was I pregnant, but there was actually a little baby in there. This seems like a pretty obvious fact, but there is a big difference between peeing on a stick and seeing it turn colours, and seeing a living being in real time. Greg took a digital photo of the ultrasound printout, which he has promised to post here later. That's all for now.

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Annie said...

Je suis contente de savoir que tout est à la bonne place et que le petit coeur bat :-)

À chaque fois que j'entends le coeur de Poussin, je trouve que c'est le plus beau son qui soit.

Je te souhaite que tes nausées disparaissent vites et que ton énergie revienne. Si tes symptomes sont différents cette fois-ci, peut-être que tu attends un mini-Greg :-)