Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's still wonderful

Rebecca started bringing books to me and sitting in my lap when she was a year old. She still does it - just about every day. And it makes me just as happy now as it did then.

And now in lieu of something funny or novel (because I am really tired), I give you:
Rebecca's Current Favourites!
NB: May be out of date by the time you finish reading.

Foods: Arrowroot cookies, toast, eggs, cold cuts, sliced apple
Colour: Lellow
Inanimate object: Her white blanket ("Bala")
Imaginary person: Dora ("Da")
Request: Kitty! or Piggy! (which you must draw) or Colour! (which means give me back my crayons) or Park! (let's go to the Park already)
Drink: Milk in a cup with a straw (she still hates fruit juices)
Song: The Winnie the Pooh song
Book: Her treasury of Fairy Tales

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