Thursday, January 18, 2007

Warp speed!

I am have been home sick since Tuesday afternoon with a throat/nose/sinus thing. I loathe being sick - it is frustrating and frankly, a complete waste of my time.
I had hoped to avoid this thing from the moment I first suspected something was amiss (Monday morning when I had that undeniable feeling in my throat). Sadly, no amount of Fisherman Friends, multivitamins or kleenex with lotion, could deter the virus, so here I am - drinking Neo-Citran and feeling sorry for myself. Oh well, it gives me this opportunity to update the blog.
At the tail end of last week, Rebecca started exhibiting a strange behaviour (how often have I said this!?). She would walk with her arms extended behind her, instead of to her sides or in front. It looked very odd, and I could not fathom why she would do this. Once again, I went to my font of knowledge - Mom. Mom says it has to do with Rebecca wanting to move faster, and... by golly, Mom was correct! Rebecca has since ceased with the bird-arms, but is now moving significantly faster than before. I can't claim that it's running, but I would say that it exceeds walking. A gallop maybe? Even her backwards walk is faster (though not as fast as the forwards).
I am increasingly convinced that Rebecca does, in fact, speak some words. "Dada", "mama", "no" and possibly "byebye" seem to be part of her vocabulary. It's not that she hasn't used these before, but there seems to be more evidence that she uses them in manner other than at random. I suspect that she is also using "good" and "down" but is not pronouncing them as clearly.
Rebecca continues to be a bookworm. She seems to prefer books to any other sort of amusement. She regularly bring books to any adult in her vicinity, but is also content to "read" to herself.
I experimented with teaching Rebecca how to use a spoon today. It was semi-successful. I had to change her outfit, but I think we were both satisfied with our efforts. The trick is to know when to help, and when to give her free rein. She prefers to do things by herself, however, if she gets frustrated, she is often tempted to forego the utensil and work with her hands. It's messy but it's fun.
Rebecca has quite long hair now, but since it curls so much, it is hard to tell. Also, she has developed a tendency to run her food-covered hands through her hair at the end of a meal. This makes for crunchy hair and very frequent baths.
Our Becca-boo still loves bottles (any kind), shoes, bags (any kind - no matter how heavy, she will try to abscond them), books (as mentioned), and regrettably, the garbage can.

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