Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gotta work on settling her away from home.

We still don't have the knack of getting Rebecca to nap or sleep at other peoples' houses, which is kind of awkward since many of our friends have people over late into the evening at times, and Madeleine and I wouldn't mind having the option of staying a little later. Ah well, not the world's worst problem.

I came home with my buddy Julian who's visiting from out of town. I walked in the front door and Rebecca spied me through the paned glass door to the entrance way. She got a big grin on and started walking for the door as I gave her a big "Hello!". I guess I bent over to tie my shoes as Julian walked in the door behind me and my little sweetie must have gotten confused/scared as to why daddy's voice and face changed. She looked at him sort of quizzically, then her face fell and she started crying. I quickly took off my jacket and boots and went and picked her up and she gave me the biggest hug. She was quite clingy, but was ok while I was holding her. I went to hand her to Mom and she started crying. I'll admit that being the one thing she wanted was a nice deal, but I don't want her to start really making strange with people yet.

After about a half hour she had really warmed up to Julian, who's a big teddy bear anyway, and the rest of the visit went swimmingly.

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