Thursday, January 11, 2007

The internet has failed me!

Or maybe it's just that the poor workman blames his tools.

Rebecca has developed a weird problem and I can't seem to find anything about it online. I am shocked and frustrated. I think part of the difficulty lies with the keywords I must use.

Basically, as of a few days ago, Rebecca has started peeing on the change mat when we change her diaper. It has happened enough times now that it can be called a trend. I don't know why she is doing this. This kind of behaviour is understandable and common in newborns - but not in a 13-month old. Frankly, I think she was a newborn the last time this happened. At any rate, she doesn't seem to be in pain or otherwise disturbed. There are no behavioural or physical clues to help me in my deductive journey.

So, I am left to venture forth with such keywords as "baby" or "13 month old" or "toddler", and combinations of urination words and indicators of unusual behaviour. What does this net me on the net? A plethora of complaints about house pets who do not house train properly, endless sites concerning the toilet-training of toddlers, and innumerable tales of newborn elimination woes (my sympathies - I've lived the liquid poo nightmare).

As for my amateur opinion... I do not think the problem is rooted in some physical ailment. I am inclined to believe this is some sort of freaky toddler behavioural display. If only I could figure out her motivation! If only she spoke English! (Right now, she's like a sound clip from the Tower of Babel - except when Greg runs into the video store and she reaches towards him crying "Da da!" in plaintive tones, which I feel is crystal clear communication).

The big emotional theme of this particular age is: me first! This is paired with the peak of separation anxiety. Could this be a bid for attention? Could this be testing our limits to see what types of behaviour are acceptable and what types of behaviour are not acceptable? Is it just a case of bad timing? (At this point, statistics would suggest otherwise). Is this how she expressed her sense of humour? If I analyze problems for a living, should I be able to figure this one out? (Is it time to craft an Action Plan and an Issue Analysis Summary?!?!).

Tomorrow is my day home with Rebecca - we shall see what insights I can garner.

On another note, kudos for Greg! I love reading your posts - especially in a spare moment at work. It makes me feel more connected to what's going home while I'm working for "The Man". You have an incredible way of capturing the parenting experience - your words really do it justice. I think I often go the pedantic route with posts (although I aim for humour too), and miss the mark on the emotional topics. I especially loved what you said about comforting Becca in the middle of the night. I can't wait to read more!!!

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