Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things

Well the holiday season is officially over. Mom's back to work, the Christmas lights have been taken down. Ok, we still have to take down the Christmas tree, but Rebecca never seemed to pay it much attention.

Christmas and New Year's Eve were lots of fun for everyone, and the family time spent together over the last week and a half was wonderful. That being said, this was all kind of disruptive to routines. Rebecca's bedtime has migrated a little later than we'd like it, which pushes back wakeup time, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the naps are sort of on a demand basis at the moment. Putting her down when she's just not tired doesn't seem to be too effective.

She's been waking up at night a little more often than we'd like, as well. We've been trying to cut out the midnight snacks. I've been thinking an evening snack with something solid (slower to digest?) might hold her better through the night. Either that, or get her bed time close enough to dinner time... As it stands, she's awake for another 3+ hours after her dinner time.

It seems that she's teething her first molars. This may account for some of the late night cuddle therapy necessity.

I had a dream last night that I got a good look at Rebecca's mouth while she was yawning and she had all her teeth except for her canines. Dare to dream.

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