Thursday, January 18, 2007

New sleep routine?

Rebecca's been waking up a few times throughout the early portion of the night. We try to get her to bed around 8pm. She often gets up as many as 3 or 4 times, until around 1am or so. Sometimes just needing a quick cuddle, other times not settling until she gets a drink of milk. Experimenting with trying to wait it out has been difficult/unproductive.

So, new strategy. Feed her a Baby Mum Mums (basically airy rice crackers) and a little milk as an evening snack BEFORE putting her down. It seems like it's worked at least a couple times so far, so we'll continue this experiment.

Anyway, Rebecca was really tired a little early after dinner, so we put her down, then she got up and we fed her a snack on the sofa at around 9pm tonight. It was really cute. At first she refused the Mum Mums demanding milk instead. After a good guzzle of milk from her sippy cup she took more interest in the biscuit. She took some nibbles on it, mainly tonguing the biscuit, which she then generously offered to mom. Very cute, and very funny. She was quite calm and cuddly, yet alert and engaged. One of my favorite moods for her. Even though both Madeleine and I (well, mainly Madeleine) are feeling under the weather, those 10 or 15 minutes made for an awesome night.

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