Monday, August 29, 2005

Moisturizing the belly

I have always been plagued with extremely dry skin. I have had countless cortisone Rx and many an incidence of cracked and bleeding flesh (especially during the dry winters). I have one finger which was a mess last year, all the way up to the fingertip. Even though it has healed, I can't bear to use it to touch anything remotely hot or cold (and I mean temperatures that are quite normally tolerated by my other normal fingers). It has been this way all my life and it sucks, but I have become accustomed to it and I have accepted it. It is just part of my life, like carrying around my epipen. At any rate, I go to great lengths to moisturize my skin to prevent real disasters. Basically, I manage to keep it at bay most of the time. But now, I am now the unhappy owner of large sections of painfully thin and dry belly skin over my ribs. If you press on normal belly skin with your finger, it follows the pressure. If you press on stretched thin belly skin with you finger, it follows the pressure, but, it is less elastic, and makes horizontal puckering lines. It looks like the skin I have where I've recovered from long-term patches of eczema - it has line that don't otherwise appear. At any rate, it is easy enough to identify the dry spots, because the skin is a different colour - an irritated shade. Also, it feels unnaturally smooth (but not soft). I am now moisturizing my belly twice a day. Today at work, my skin is making me so uncomfortable that I have been surreptitiously apply intense hand cream to my belly. Needless to say, I have tried most moisturizers on the market. I have multiple varieties at home - but... I don't feel like I'm making headway. Have to do some research and determine whether I can ameliorate things...

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