Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dizziness, itchy belly, and hubby behaviour

It seems I may have neglected to mention that I have days where my belly is really itchy. Apparently this is the result of stretching skin. I think of all the side effects of pregnancy, this one is the most innocuous. I should add at this point that anything belly-related is a source of happiness for my husband. He is quite enamoured of the prego belly and interacting with it has become a part of his daily routine. I hope that all of my friends that become pregnant have husbands who react the way mine has to my pregnancy. His attention and enthusiasm are really gratifying (and of course he is supportive etc.). I can honestly say that he is just as excited as I am (sometimes even more than I am, but I think that's mainly because my feelings can be tempered by various and sundry pregnancy discomforts). And for those women who find it a little hard to adjust to a completely new body shape (and believe me, this is not just a matter of vanity, but a strange wondering of whether aliens have snatched the body you've grown accustomed to over so many years - it really does feel like being in a body not your own sometimes), it is very nice to have someone who vehemently appreciates the new contours. He has decided that pregnancy and the pregnant body are the most beautiful things on earth, and far be it from me to dissuade him (I don't think anyone could).
That being said, I was a little distressed yesterday night and this morning to be suffering from dizziness. Yesterday, Rebecca was very lethargic. It was such a contrast to her behaviour of the past two weeks that I actually began to worry that something was wrong with her. I find the prospect of losing her to be more upsetting now than during the first trimester when it was arguably a greater possibility. The difference now is that I've felt her move and I've really seen her. It makes a huge difference to the way I think about her. I realized this morning that no matter what happens, the baby will never be "safe", even if she lives to be 100, she can just be more safe or less safe, and I'll have to accept it.But back to the dizziness - my solution (as usual) was to hunt for information, then decide what to do. Fortunately, this appears to be pretty normal and is most likely a sign of low blood pressure (temporary). So Mom, you can stop worrying (for now) about me getting high blood pressure. I looked at many websites and books and this is a cut and past of one of those (except that I corrected some glaring spelling mistakes - I know the punctuation could also use some work, but I was feeling too lazy to fix it):
"Dizziness in the second trimester is normal! Many women experience a drop in blood pressure as the body tries to adjust to an increase in blood volume. The typical pattern is lower than normal blood pressure in the second trimester followed by a slow rise in the third trimester which we hope doesn't go up much above your non-pregnant blood pressure!
If you are feeling dizzy from low blood pressure, try to stay cool (I always got dizzy in the shower!), lie down, and drink some water. You may also be dizzy from low blood sugar because the baby goes through several growth spurts in the second trimester which can really make mom hungry! If you think this is why you are dizzy, drink juice or something which will give you quick sugar, then eat some protein to keep your blood sugar level up long-term. If you are dizzy a lot, have other symptoms (such as blurry vision or headache), or faint, please call your practitioner! "
So I am reassured and I will take the necessary steps to alleviate my discomfort.

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