Friday, August 19, 2005

If the shoe fits...

Today promised to be a little chilly, so I decided that I would wear my fall shoes.
I did manage to put them on my feet, however, they were so tight, that after wearing them for about 5 seconds, I realized that I would not be able to comfortably walk in them.
I had thought the swelling in my feet had decreased with the mercury, but, maybe I just became accustomed to it.
Anyhow, that means none of my fall shoes fit me anymore.
I am not totally shocked because a pregnant friend had warned me that this could occur (especially if you hit the fall/winter months nearer the end of you pregnancy). Apparently, your pregnant shoe size may be an entire size different. I think in my case, I've probably gone up a half size (so far?).
I have not tried my sneakers on yet. I have a bad feeling that they will be no better. However, even if they were the only pair of shoes I could wear in the fall, it would not be the best solution (especially for dresses, and other work clothing).
I am not in a panic about the wedding Greg and I are attending on the 27th, because I have plenty of formal sandals that will do the trick (sandals, by virtue of their design, are more forgiving on the swollen prego foot, and are often adjustable).
So here's the problem, I now have to find a pair of fall shoes that fit me, are comfy, are suitable for wearing to work, are suitable for walking to work, and have some give. For all I know, my feet could get bigger - so I will hold out in sandals for as long as possible. No matter what, I will not sink to wearing socks with sandals - there is a level of dignity that even my swollen feet deserve.

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