Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Meet and greet for shared care

Today I got to meet the obstetrician who will be taking over my care at the very tail end of my pregnancy and who has about a 90% chance of delivering my baby. He is a very personable and friendly gentleman who has rights at the Civic. What was especially nice was that Greg came with me to the appointment. Greg had booked this week off, and drove me to my appointment. He was going to just sit in the waiting room, but the nurses suggested that he could join me. This gave him the opportunity to meet the OB and to ask questions, but most importantly, Greg finally got the chance to hear the baby's heartbeat. While the heartbeat was measured in my ultrasound, we didn't get to actually hear it. My OB has a sono with a speaker (my GP has one with a headset) - and it was great to be able to share that experience with Greg. I always feel positive and happy after my baby appointments - it's always good news and generally exciting.
I did ask my OB whether he had a magic cure for my right rib pains. I don't get back pain or rib pain on the left side - ever - and this seemed odd to me. Apparently it is quite common. He said that the soft tissue pressure on that side tends to results in more pain (with the liver shoved around in there, I guess it's not surprising). So - it isn't really my ribs that are bothering me. As it turns out, the cure is to have the baby. Otherwise, I can take some tylenol. The OB noted that I was a bit bloated - but with all the edema, I'm not too shocked.
I managed to get some fall shoes at Payless. I went a half size up and wide, and it seemed sufficient. The skin over my ribs is so taut right now - it has a different texture than my skin elsewhere. It is also quite dry, and often itchy. So now I make a habit of moisturizing my belly on a regular basis. It provides some measure of relief.

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