Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The combination of hot weather and pregnancy-attributable edema has given me sausage toes and has made my ankles disappear into my legs somewhere. Do not understand from this comment that my girth is such that my ankles are no longer visible! (that comes later). I am no longer wearing my wedding band for fear that I will have to have it cut off my swollen fingers. It has taken a week and a half for the ring finger to return to normal width in the area of the ring. I could have had the ring resized, but since this swelling is temporary, I thought it best not to. I am considering wearing it on a chain, but I haven't found a chain that really goes well with the chunkiness of the band itself.
Apart from that, the baby is very active and almost seems afraid that I will forget her existence. Not an hour goes by (when I am conscious) that the baby doesn't jump around to get my attention. I read that the baby in this stage sleeps as much as a newborn does. Is this a warning of things to come?! My Mom said I didn't sleep through the night until I was 4 years old. Uh oh.
At this point, everyone who sees me can deduce that I am pregnant. Even the lovely gentleman who came to set up my new office chair at work extended his congratulations. Last week, people started to suspect, but weren't sure enough to actually ask me about it. Now, the cat is really out of the bag.
Greg and I are now registered in a prenatal course. We are doing a compressed version consisting of two very long Saturdays in October. I am supposed to bring a stuffed animal in order to practice baby holds. I am looking forward to the classes, but everything seems so far in the future.

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