Friday, August 26, 2005

Fifth month almost complete - New pains!

It is reassuring that whatever new pain I encounter, somewhere out there, there is a pregnant woman who has gone through it and made a post to a message board.
My new pain is pain in the symphysis bone (which I might have mentioned in an earlier post - this bone is used in measuring the length of the uterus). Anyhow, it is damn painful at times and makes even walking uncomfortable at times.
Anyhow, this is from a message board I found (which in turn was taken from somewhere else):
"*Is pubic bone pain normal in pregnancy? From the "Terminal Miseries of Pregnancy," this sounds like something called Symphysis Pubis Diastasis. Now before this nasty-sounding ailment makes you want to set up novenas, know that it's harmless and quite normal. Here's the deal: The pelvis is a ring structure. Progesterone, a hormone made in great quantities in pregnancy has many properties besides thickening the lining of the uterus for implantation. It also relaxes smooth muscle, which helps keep the uterus quiet (non-contracting) as the baby grows. A side effect of this is constipation, because it also relaxes the smooth muscle in the intestinal tract. Progesterone also relaxes the ligaments between joints. In it's wisdom, the human body seeks to make the passageway (the pelvis) a larger space for the passenger (the baby). The middle of the pubic bone is actually a joint where the left and right pubic bones join together. When this loosens up, this in effect makes the diameter of the pelvis a larger space for the baby to negotiate during labor. So far so good. But unfortunately, since the pelvis is a ring, if it opens here, it must pinch there. The sacroiliac joints in your lower back to either side of the midline can hurt when this pubic bone separation happens. Or, alternately, you can just hurt at the pubic joint (the "pubic symphysis"). Diastasis is a word meaning "separation," so pubic symphysis diastasis is the normal effect of progesterone and other unknown forces that open up the pelvic ring a little bit for labor. *So Basically, your pubic bone along with ligaments and such that are joined to the pubic area are spreading in preparation for birth. I have found sitting in a bathtub of hot-warm water for a little while will help to sooth this pain. Hope I helped..."
Needless to say there were countless other posts on the same subject.
The bottom line for most things I am experiencing is: It sucks but it's normal.
And let me say this - the further I get into this pregnancy the more difficulty I have going through the simple steps of my normal OBS appointments. For example, it is getting harder to take off my shoes before I get weighed - I can't just lean forward and do it easily anymore - I have to bring the foot to me. Even worse, when it comes to collecting the urine sample, you are not supposed to collect anything for the first few seconds - all fine and good, but I can't see where the pee is anymore (nothing but belly) -to say nothing of the fact that with the anatomical modifications and rearrangements of pregnancy, peeing in a straight line (so to speak) is basically impossible. Hilarity ensues.

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