Saturday, April 19, 2008

Delivery 1 versus Delivery 2

These are the things that are different between a first and second delivery. I wanted to write them down because there were some surprises for me:
1 - Labour is a lot shorter for a second delivery, especially the pushing stage (hooray!)
2 - Because the pushing part goes faster, it can mean more lacerations than a first delivery (unhooray!)
3 - The really brutal thing about a second delivery is the after pains. The contractions that occur for three or four days following the delivery are as brutal as some of the contractions near the end of labour, and can actually recreate the sensations you experienced. For example, I had a revisitation of my nausea and actually had to run to the bathroom after feeding Lucy because I was ready to throw up. These pains peak during each breastfeeding session, and then dissipate. They can be so painful that the nurses will actually offer you morphine. I almost had some, but managed to grit my teeth through until they were more manageable. I don't know why it is - but generally, women barely feel the after pains after a first delivery. (unhooray!)
4 - Managing a new baby the second time around is much less stressful, and you feel more confident (hooray!)

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