Wednesday, April 2, 2008

36 week OB appointment

I had my 36 week OB appointment today. When I was pregnant with Rebecca, this was the last appointment I ever had. So, if I make it to 37 weeks gestation, everything will be a new experience for me (which is strange to contemplate when I feel like an old hand at this pregnancy thing). My blood pressure and urine tests were fine. I am weighing in at a ghastly 211 lbs. Yikes. However, it seems to be due (in large part) to a big increase in my edema over the past few weeks. This is completely normal and expected, and since my urine and blood pressure are fine, it is nothing to be concerned about. It does mean that I have cankles, but this is not terribly distressing since: (1) I know how fast they go away, (2) there is still considerable snow in the yard, (3) there is no pathological reason for it. I had my Group B strep test - about as comfortable as I remembered, but better than the postnatal 6 week internal. Actually, lying down on the examination table and getting off it again were arguably more painful than having a foot long q-tip take an exploratory journey into places I can only presume exist, because they are otherwise obstructed from view by a massive belly. Phew. Also, did not pee on my hand when collecting urine sample today - I am so proud. I am still measuring two weeks ahead - since this has consistently been the case for 11 weeks now, I no longer think it would be reasonable to chalk it up to instrumental error. Also, as I mentioned before, this is exactly what happened with Rebecca. My OB joined me in wishing that my body has the wisdom to expel this baby sooner rather than later since we are looking at another big baby, and I am in considerable discomfort. He said that if I haven't had the baby by my next appointment (37 weeks), then we will go for another ultrasound. I am presuming that the purpose of this would be to get another read on the baby's size - I am also hoping this means that if it looks mega-macro, we might have a discussion about induction or other interventions of some sort.

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