Wednesday, April 9, 2008

37 week OB appointment

So, today was my first full-term OB appointment. I failed my initial blood pressure check (but not the retest) - the retest was still higher than average but normal. There was also protein in my urine sample, which can be indicative of toxemia/preeclampsia or other issues.
Because of the urine results, I was given a requisition for a battery of additional urine and blood tests - primarily to verify kidney function. It's precautionary, but I was also advised to try to get the test done today at a quick lab, in order that the results may come back before the end of the week.
I was so surprised by the urine results, that I completely forgot to ask about the results of my group B strep test, nor did I remember to ask for a medical note to put my gym membership on hold (even though I wrote this down in my planner, so as not to forget).
I am now measuring at 40 weeks (not the anticipated 39). I don't see how my uterus can get any bigger without breaking all my ribs and pulverizing my organs. Certainly, I have felt craptastic all day long. I had bajillions of Braxton-Hicks contractions this morning (spanning three hours or so), and have spent almost the entire afternoon uncomfortable due to Lucy's positioning.
On the positive side, my weight gain seems normal, and Lucy's position and heart rate are good. And of course, it is wonderful that Lucy won't be premature.
Someone in the clinic had their pager go off, and it got picked up by the doppler during the heart rate measurement. It was mildly amusing and made a funny sound.
Emotionally, this has been a challenging week because Rebecca has been teething heavily and her behaviour has at times been frustrating. I feel house-bound because I am so physically incapable of controlling her that attempts at other activities are too daunting and too risky. It is depressing, because taking care of Rebecca is really the only task I have some ability to accomplish these days. Oh, I can fill the time at home, but it gets tedious very quickly. Also, I have certain standards of parenting that I set for myself, and these are becoming unattainable. I am in Limbo, and I would like our new life to start. I would like to be released from my discomfort.

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Annie said...

Je veux juste essayer de t'encourager un peu en te disant que c'est presque fini et que bientôt tu auras ta précieuse et jolie Lucy dans tes bras qui te fera oublier les dernier mois :-)