Monday, March 3, 2008

A toy with blanket status

This is Selia the Groovy Gal. My Mom brought her home from Florida in November as a gift for Becca. Becca had essentially zero interest in Selia until sometime last week. For unknown reasons she decided that this doll was now her favoured companion. She refers to her as "doll", and brings her everywhere we let her. The most surprising thing is that Selia has achieved blanket status. Selia is carried around in conjunction with the famous blanket, and is a necessary participant in bedtime and any other blanket-worthy activity. Rebecca insists on carrying both of these objects at the same time, which makes drinking from a sippy cup challenging - however, she is unwilling to relinquish either. Sometimes she will deign to hand me these precious objects if there is something she is really dying to do that requires two hands. I don't know why she has developed this sudden attachment, and I haven't generated any plausible theories either - but as far as toys go, I like this one. She is very soft and pliable, and has funky curly hair.

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