Wednesday, March 19, 2008

34 weeks checkup and surprises from the Sheriff's Office

Today was my 34 week prenatal appointment.
The usual routine - pee is o.k., weight is o.k., and blood pressure is 120/80 which is fine.
We got to hear Lucy's heart rate accelerate and decelerate which is not something I normally get to hear - and was intriguing. She was certainly exceptionally mobile during the appointment. The fundal length is measuring two weeks ahead - as for 36 weeks, but this might be due to baby size or just normal variance.
This is what I learned about my ultrasound from last week:
They gave me a score of 8/8 (which is good) - I guess it's basically an overall assessment of the state of the pregnancy according to ultrasound.
The amniotic fluid level was just right, the baby's motility was just right, the baby's position was just right, the cervical length was just right, and the baby is slightly larger than average - looking like the 75th percentile.
So... as far as postulating a reason for Rebecca's early arrival - who knows?! This does not seem like a very satisfying explanation for a set of circumstances that occurs in only 1-3% of women. My OB suggested that maybe I'm just "efficient" at gestating babies. I think I like this better than other suggestions I have received - like, Rebecca ran out of space, or Greg's favourite - the amniotic sac was weak. I really object to Greg's little hypothesis because I don't think it's actually rooted in anything. It's no better than saying Rebecca came early because she didn't want to miss Christmas.
It seems therefore, that everything is hunky dory. My OB pronounced that I'm not sick, so I'm not going to be treated like I am. However, given my past history, he sent my paperwork on to the hospital today - just in case. I also have my pre-admission questionnaire, my own copy of my prenatal records, and the number for obstetric triage.
This is all very familiar - identical really. Rebecca was also predicted to be 75th percentile, and I was measuring two weeks ahead. When I looked at my prenatal records, I saw that I've actually been measuring ahead for Lucy since 25 weeks - precisely the point at which she had started being head down. The chief differences between this pregnancy and the last are the BHs. Oh, and last time I had the linea nigra starting at 30 weeks, but it has yet to make an appearance...
I think Lucy will be prompt like her big sister - I make that statement knowing there is absolutely no evidence to back it up.
In reviewing my records, I had forgotten that by dates - my due date should be April 21st, and that it was only the early ultrasound at 7 weeks that made them switch it to April 29th. God - that's so far away.
It would be a relief to be free of this daily rib pain - it can be really incapacitating, and sometimes the pain is excruciating. I sat in my office chair backwards yesterday, on my knees, with my rib cage over the top of the chair in a bid to get some relief. It worked a bit - but lying down continues to be the only real solution. That's why I am so happy that my work days are numbered.
Of course, that doesn't mean that immensely pregnant ladies aren't useful to society! I received a lovely letter in the mail today - Summons to Juror!!! I am supposed to go to court on the 14th of April - could the timing be any worse? Of course, this just means that I am a potential jury member. They may take one look at me and decide against choosing me. I can make a request in writing to have jury duty postponed to a later date, but I'm not sure whether my options are the same for getting out of jury selection. Guess I will be making some phone calls tomorrow.

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