Saturday, March 8, 2008


My parents and I went to visit the dinosaurs last weekend. Needless to say, Rebecca was thrilled to see all the "dinos". I couldn't have controlled her without their help. Thanks again parents!
Becca was fairly well-behaved and ran around so much that she ended up wearing herself out - which made the end of the trip more peaceful. I think the low moment was when she tried to crawl into a fossil display, and she bit my knuckle out of frustration when I pulled her out. She didn't break the skin, but it really really really hurt. There's no flesh there ! Rebecca virtually never bites, so I was quite peeved. She also tried to take another little girl's camera, and pushed a second little girl because she was standing in front of the baby dinosaur and blocking the view. All part of growing up and learning to distinguish appropriate from inappropriate social behaviour, but I did feel badly. Otherwise, she was affectionate and enthusiastic, and eager to examine everything. I had intended to take numerous photos (at least one of Rebecca, dinosaurs and me!), but because she wouldn't keep still, this didn't quite pan out. I did get a few nice shots of Becca with her Grandpapa though (one of which is shown here).

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