Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bad hair, delayed appointment, naked toddlers

My hair has suddenly changed texture. I have not changed anything about my hair care regimen and styling approach, but suddenly my hair is coarser, straw-like, curls less, and looks as though I have done nothing to make it seem appealing. Needless to say, there have been a lot of ponytails this week. I have decided that this is probably attributable to rising levels of some hormone or other. I would complain but I am hopeful that it means the end is in sight (and by in sight I mean, at an appropriate time for Lucy, but preferably 37 weeks on the nose).
I was supposed to have my 32 week appointment with my obstetrician today. Unfortunately, he decided to go deliver a baby instead. The nerve! :) I find it amusing that it had never previously occurred to me that this might happen at some point. Clearly, these ladies should have their babies on the weekend like I did. They took my cell phone number and said that they would call if he got back in a reasonable amount of time (which he had indicated to them might be possible). I never heard back - but on the upside, I got to have a nap and get Lucy out of my ribs for a few hours. The OB's office also booked me for an appointment tomorrow (which is a good thing since my OB is off on March break with his kids next week). It's not as though I think I have anything critical to learn at this particular appointment, but I always feel better knowing all is well. Rebecca enjoyed hanging around in the building while I sorted things out. She got to play in a fountain. I gave her some pennies to throw in, and she had a blast. Then there was a very loud and enthusiastic protest when it was time to leave. She had removed her socks and boots and objected strongly to having them put back on. Ultimately, Rebecca had to be carried to the car sans boots, coat and socks. It is impossible to keep both boots on someone who kicks one off the minute you are trying to get the other one off. On the ride home, she cried because she wanted her boots back on. Clearly, a nap was in order.
Rebecca napped while I waited for the OB's office to call. When she woke up from her nap, she sounded as those she was playing with toys and reading books. When it became apparent that she was well and truly awake, I went into her room and discover NAKED TODDLER from the waist down. Pants and diaper were abandoned on the floor. There was a suspicious puddle on the hardwood. She was gleeful and happy though. It took some convincing to get her back into clothes. This is the second naked escapade this week. It gave me a good laugh, especially as she ran around giggling.
Laughing right now is good, since I am becoming clumsy and forgetful, and feeling woefully unprofessional in the workplace. My motivation is rock bottom, and there has been so much change in the workplace itself, that lots of people are frustrated and demoralized. If I don't make an effort to interact with people, I can spend my day in complete seclusion - and while I may be an introvert at heart, that is not the way I like to live my professional life. This is also not a good way to feel about work when your mind is already wandering and you feel uninspired. I have been systematically removing things from my office and am mostly focussed on preparing documentation for whomever (if anyone) takes over my projects. Naturally, I am also tying up loose ends and I was very happy to hammer the final nails into a coffin that has plagued me since November. The fact that no one seems to have planned for my departure is somewhat depressing because it makes me feel as though the things I'm doing can't be all that important.

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