Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pay attention to me!

I felt Babootwo move this morning! 6am.
I was concerned that I might be mistaken (though I didn't think so), so I checked the archives of my Rebecca blog, and apparently I felt Rebecca move for the first time at almost exactly the same stage of gestation.
I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything looks good. All my blood and urine tests have come back with respectable results, and no one has suggested that I have put on too much weight yet. Blood pressure is also good. Tried to get Greg to hear the heartbeat, but unfortunately, Rebecca was pulling on the cord and he lost track of the sound.
I am getting into lower back pain, and my GP suggested doing crunches, being careful to bend at the knees when picking things up, and to get a special maternity belt. I am concerned that my pregnancy edema is going to return. I can already feel a tightening in my calves that I know is the precursor to losing sight of my bones and blood vessels. I will endeavour to drink more water, but I believe it may simply be my fate to balloon whilst pregnant.

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