Saturday, October 6, 2007

Maternity clothes

My first pregnancy spanned four seasons, and therefore involved a wide variety of maternity clothes. Due to the fact that the particular year I was pregnant for Rebecca involved an extremely hot and protracted summer, many of these clothes were summer clothes. Also, I am convinced that the heat was part of the reason I had such extensive problems with edema. That year (2005), fall was practically nonexistant, and I only experienced a small portion of winter (but there had been considerable snowfall by the time Rebecca arrived - as is evident in the pictures). So, I imagined reusing all these items. The thing is - the timing of this pregnancy is out of phase with the last one. This was at least partially by design. I had vowed to myself never again to endure the hottest months of the year while pregnant - given my extensive discomfort previously. But, even though I can't wear my regular clothes, many of my maternity clothes that are appropriate for the current weather, are way too big.
Therefore, Rebecca and I had an expedition to the maternity store to round out my wardrobe. I think I now have some work-appropriate pieces that should last for quite some time.
Speaking of work, the cat is out of the bag. I spoke to the Bureau director a few weeks ago - so now I am free to dress like a pregnant woman without fear of discovery. I don't think anyone at work was surprised - there are many women my age in the office, and most who've had one child tend to go for a second round.
Still feeling relatively miserable, although I can begin to sense that my energy levels are coming back - soon I will be able to function without a nap during the day and be civil to my husband. My skin and hair are much improved. My hair in particular was very dull and unappealing for much of the beginning of this trimester, but it is starting to look and feel more lustrous again. My waist is long gone, my belly is released (as is typical of a second pregnancy - it isn't hard as a rock as I remember from my last pregnancy, it is simply flabby due to the relaxation of the muscles by the high progesterone levels - I literally lack the ability to suck in my gut). My queasiness is becoming more intermittent - but certainly not absent. I'm starting to experience some twinges in my back - but this is neither surprising nor unexpected. I am still getting up several times a night to pee, but once again, this should be greatly improved when I hit the second trimester, since the uterus then moves upward and relieves pressure on the bladder. The only new territory, is that I've discovered what comes after double D - not that I wanted to.

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