Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It's not a horse. It's a request/command that Rebecca uses on us. As far as we can tell, it means "I am tired and I would like you to lie down beside me on my bed". It is often accompanied by a little person grabbing your hand and pulling you in the right direction.
About an hour after an initial semi-successful putting down of the toddler, there was an unending series of yowls that indicated a need for parental intervention. Rebecca had woken up on the floor sans Bala. A very tired Rebaboo gave me the Filly command, and I obliged. When I thought she was sound asleep, I tried to leave (very carefully). Unfortunately, she heard the sound of me pulling the door closed and I was forced to re-Filly. The second time I departed successfully (and did not shut the door completely). Clambering over the gate is getting tricky (it's like something out of Entrapment), and I can't see the situation improving over the next six months. After this evening, I am amazed that Rebecca has the energy to wake up at all. I was informed about receiving my baby that she had only napped for a scant half hour today. Despite this, she seemed possessed of demonic energy. I can honestly say that I have never seen her so hyper. During her earlier unsuccessful nap, she had completely trashed her bedroom. She ran around the house all night, flinging herself onto the couch, laughing and squealing. I had to remove her from the oven at least three times (the bottom drawer, not the place where turkeys go!), because she had crawled inside to play with the the baking sheets. She wiped out three times on the floor (although it barely slowed her down), because she was running so fast. But, we also danced to music, looked at some books. She wanted nothing to do with the lovely stew I made for supper, but happily ate a banana and a yogurt and some taco meat.

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