Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beware the Measuring Tape!!!

I invited Greg and Rebecca to join me during my prenatal appointment yesterday.
Too bad I had forgotten about... THE MEASURING TAPE.
Everything was going fine until it was time to determine the fundal height. This involves the doctor measuring the height of the uterus by palpating my belly, and is following by a measurement with a .... MEASURING TAPE.
UH OH!!!
Since this was my first second trimester checkup, this standard step had been completely forgotten by me. Oops - bad Mommy.
But unfortunately, Rebecca has not forgotten her unholy terror of MEASURING TAPES.
What's worse than having one near you?
Having a doctor put a MEASURING TAPE on your Mommy!
Tears and wailing ensued.
Tears and wailing did not subside until we left the doctor's office.

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