Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ten signs you are the mother of Rebecca

1 - You go to take your morning shower and find yellow rainboots in the tub.
2 - Your purse always seems to have either a baby washcloth or an arrowroot cookie in it.
3 - You never get to drink from your own water bottle. A little person takes it.
4 - Loud noises and banging is more reassuring than silence.
5 - Part of your meal out involves picking food off the floor.
6 - You can quote lines from Nemo in your sleep. When sleep actually happens.
7 - Your shoes are never together, or where you expect to find them.
8 - The word you hear the most during a typical day is "No".
9 - You have bruises on your face and knees from overenthusiastic sessions of "the monster is coming to eat you".
10 - There is always a part of the day that seems perfect.

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