Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fever gone, replaced with biting

Rebecca's fever seems better, and her appetite returned last night. Yay!

Her new trick, though, which hopefully won't last, is pitching a major fit when we go to change her if she's the least bit tired. I swear she has the flexibility of a GI-Joe doll. (You know, how you can swivel them around 360 degrees at the waist?) Anyway, you can have her down on the table, one hand on her chest, the other trying to do your business, and if she's unhappy with you, it seems her little derriere can be pointing any which way she wants it to. Makes doing up the diaper quite difficult.

That's not the bad part though. Mom was helping me change her earlier today and Rebecca grabbed her free hand and very deliberately shoved it towards her gaping maw, and tried to chomp down on it.

A firm NO was issued, to unknown effect. We'll see if we can nip this in the bud.

Anyway, as soon as the replacement diaper is fastened, she calms right down. Very odd. Not sure what it means, not sure if I'll ever figure it out.


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