Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daddys go to the museum, and baby fever

I went to the museum of Sci and Tech today with one of my buddies who is also currently a stay at home dad. I hadn't met his kid yet, who is now a little over two years old. Quite a lot of fun watching him run his father ragged (ok, not quite) chasing him down around the museum. Certainly not afraid of exploring, I got a hint of a taste of what I may be in for with Rebecca who shows the same fearlessness combined with curiosity.

Both toddlers were quite well behaved, if I do say so myself. No fits pitched, no crying or screaming meltdowns. I look forward to spending more time with the two of them.

That being said... Today was hot. It was a stinker. 33 or so degrees. Rebecca had a little bit of a fever last night, and not much of an appetite today, but seemed to be in good spirits, so I didn't cancel the trip.

Anyway, on the way home I took the Queensway, which was packed with rush hour traffic and seemed at least 5 degrees warmer than elsewhere. Rebecca was baking. She wasn't in direct sun, but was obviously suffering. I gave her lots of water, but should have thought to wet a cloth and help keep her cool that way. Difficult to do in traffic, but still, should have thought of it.

We picked up mom after work and when we got home we took Rebecca's temperature, and it was pretty high. We gave her a bath in cool water, and I managed to get her to eat a little applesauce, the only food she allowed us to feed her all day. I popped an ice cube in her milk and she sucked on that a little.

She seemed in good spirits through all this, though quite tired since she missed her afternoon nap. She went down pretty well, and I'll admit to cranking the AC up for the first time this year to get the house down below 25 degrees.

We'll see how she fares tonight/tomorrow.

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