Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The good life

We are so behind in updates (Greg's two-liner notwithstanding)!
I want to say:
- One of Rebecca's bottom canines has finally made it through the gum (well, the tip of it has). I thought these particular teeth would be easier, but they are the worst by far. She willingly takes her Tempra - I think she realizes it helps. I guess the canines really tear, and naturally, they must squeeze in between two established teeth. When she is suffering, she has trouble sleeping, and loses her appetite. Last night was particularly long. I was in her room until 2am. She just wanted to be comforted.
- Rebecca babbles happily all day long. She is more and more apt to play independently. Lately, she likes to climb up onto the couch, so that she can sit and read a book in comfort. It is very funny to watch.
- Rebecca talked a blue streak to Rowan on the weekend. Rowan is only 6 months old, but seemed to respond favourably.
- We have removed the playpen from the living room. Becca seems to stay away from the fireplace (although occasionally requires a reminder), and is content to sit on the couch if we watch a few minutes of the Muppets.
-Last week we went to see the ducks by the river. Poor ducks - terrorized by the excited toddler. :) Then, we went to the park to enjoy the swings. When it was time to go, Rebecca pitched a wailing fit, and it took me five minutes to wrestle her into the stroller. In the car on the way home, she fell asleep almost immediately.
- Rebecca's morning nap is gone! I had my first compressed day off in which I didn't have time to myself until the afternoon. This is o.k., except I have to start thinking differently about how I do things - for example, it is much easier if I manage to wake up before the baboo, and have my tea etc. Of course, this didn't happen last Friday - instead, she just accompanied me everywhere. I only had the first few sips of my tea. It made me wonder - is this why my Mom always abandoned partially tasted cups of coffee when I was a child?
- I think this past week I referred to Greg as Rebecca and Rebecca as Greg. Oh boy - it's a true sign of motherhood.

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