Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting back in shape - ugh

Yesterday I began, in earnest, the process of getting fit. This was on the heels of a decision that no matter how many sad old Taekwon-do competition t-shirts I had to wear, I was not going to sport one more bloody maternity shirt until I found myself preggers again. I am just sick to death of the same articles of clothing which I pressed into service not only all summer long, but throughout the winter as well. Besides, they are looking worse and worse on because of the maternity cut. No more baggy, drapey shirts with a seam under the bust which never goes under *my* bust. That's it, end of story.
So, I carted my lard-laden ass off to a Fitmom and baby free trial class. Despite the nasty weather (snow/icy craziness), I went. Greg was surprised and expected a repeat of the strollercize curse, but no - he did not fathom the depths of my motivation. And what a workout it was! What I liked best was that Rebecca was an integral part of the exercise: "put on your babies!". There was also singing, and while the class was tough (and made me uncomfortably cognizant of just how out of shape I have become), the needs of the babies were always respected. I am very sore today, and likely to be very sore tomorrow. I have registered for 12 weeks of classes.
Now, I fully admit that initiating my exercise regime while still having a throat infection is not the smartest thing I have ever done, but, the psychological benefits nullified the stupidity. I think I have been missing this aspect of my life, and it felt wonderful to get it back. The pleasant exhaustion of tired muscles has been absent for some time.
Clearly, I will need to work hard before I can show my face in the dojang again.

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