Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Formula: Making restitution

I receive a letter from the fine people at Similac thanking me for reporting my problem. Included in the envelope were two coupons for free 900g of Similac Advance with Iron 0-12 months.
I am happy that they acknowledged me in some way, but I doubt I will make use of the coupons, given the nature of my experience. Nevertheless, I give them credit for doing something.

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v said...

I never knew breastfeeding could be such a challenge. Two other friends with newborns are experiencing all manner of difficulty. Maybe (read likely) it's because I'm not a mother, or because my mother has always told me that it's ok not to be breastfed, I never was, but I never realized the amount of stress it can create. I'm glad you've cut yourself a break and have refocussed on keeping yourself healthy and happy, as well as Rebecca. I can't imagine the feelings, emotions and everything else you're experiencing. From reading your posts since Rebecca was born, it's obvious that you both are enjoying her tremendously. I'm happy for both of you.