Saturday, February 11, 2006

A full night's sleep!

Mom and Dad looked after Rebecca last night while Greg and I went to see King Kong. I hadn't seen a movie in theatre since probably the second trimester - so it was fun to be out on a date with my husband. Although - with the exception of one silver-haired couple we saw, everyone in the theatre was younger than us. It made me feel strange - I wanted to cry out "I'm still in my twenties". As Greg pointed out - even the employees were younger than us. Odder still was the thought that we were now someone's parents.
At any rate, all manner of little things during the movie reminded me of Rebecca. I found lots of parallels to King Kong himself - she can't speak, but she can express feelings in a patently obvious way nonetheless, and bascially she just wants to be loved and cuddled. I felt a bit guilty, and I felt especially bad when King Kong died. I knew she was in the best of hands, would not only be well cared for, but loved and snuggled, but I still felt bad. We stopped by my parents house after the movie (both Greg and I acknowledged that while it made more sense to go straight home, we couldn't bear to do it) to say goodnight to our baby - because the plan was for her to sleep over there, since we'd be returning to celebrate Dad's bday the next day - and allow Greg and I to have a full night's sleep (especially good idea since Greg had booked an early morning flight). I have to say - I slept like the dead (still have dark circles under my eyes - but one night is not enough to make up for weeks), and it was the best gift my parents could have given me. I had a little cry when we left their house - it was very difficult to leave Rebecca behind, but in the end, it was all o.k.

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