Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Week 35 checkup

Yesterday was my week 35 checkup. From now on, my OB appointments will be a weekly thing. I handed in my hospital pre-admission questionnaire, and next week I have my group B strep test and we discuss my birth plan. Everything else was pretty routine - urine and weight are o.k. Blood pressure is o.k. Rebecca's heartbeat is nice and strong and measuring 120. One of the workplace pregos has left (she has a due date the day before me). She actually has a C-section booked for the 28th (note: in Canada, unlike the States, you can't have elective C-section) because her baby is so enormous. Rebecca may be 75th percentile - which is (if you recall) "a fair size", but this baby boy is beyond the 95th percentile error bars. The other workplace prego looks to have already had the baby drop and next week is her last week. Tentatively, the last day I'm in at work will be the 16th but I intend to play it by ear a little.
Finally, my belly button is still intact. I don't think it will ever invert at this point. Rebecca is putting on the pounds now, but she isn't really addding much to my size anymore. My fundal height measured in at 37 cm yesterday, so I guess the uterus is still stretching. It should stop eventually, right? Some of my maternity clothing is less wearable at this point. For example - my maternity pants - some are the below the waist type and others are the panel type. Well, sometimes my belly pushes enough on the panel that the panel rolls itself down.

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