Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Checkup 31 weeks

On Hallowe'en I had my last checkup with my GP. From now on, I am seeing my obstetrician.
As usual, I was weighed, my blood pressure was measured, and I gave a pee sample. Weight was 88kg and no comments were made. Blood pressure was fine - in fact, my GP didn't even feel the need to retest it. Urine test was fine, unless you count the part where pee goes on my hand. That's just a fact of life at this point since I can't see where to put the container (this wouldn't be a problem if we could collect from the beginning of the stream). My doctor thought that my swelling was improved (although not gone), and didn't think it was necessary to check my reflexes. I didn't get to hear Rebecca's heartbeat (although my GP did get to measure the rate), because Rebecca wouldn't stay still long enough for her to hand me the earphones. She was so obviously kicking and moving that it was actually fairly amusing for all involved. My GP's take on the ultrasound was that all was normal. Based on size, Rebecca is in the 75th percentile for her age. So she's a little bigger than average. Her position was the same as at my last checkup. Her head is down on my left side. She is facing inwards (i.e. towards my middle as opposed to my side), with her back along the left wall of the uterus. Her legs and feet seem to be on the upper right (perfect for aiming at liver and ribs). The doctor said that Rebecca is unlikely to move much from this position in the future - beyond stretches and occasional kicks. After my appointment, I got my flu shot and a lovely Dora the Explorer bandaid. It's strange to imagine, but the next time I see my GP, I will have Rebecca on the outside. Good thing too because I am increasingly uncomfortable. Sometimes I wonder how I will manage to get through the next two months (or potentially longer).

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