Saturday, November 19, 2005

Third trimester memory loss

Here I am, once again unable to get back to sleep. Combination of acid reflux and soreness. Rebecca was extremely active today - (yesterday at this point), making one particular meeting uncomfortable for me. I agree with Rebecca though - time to stop working soon. I have four more weeks of work left.
As for the title of this post... does it happen? Yes definitely, or at least, definitely to me. While some of my work co-pregos complained of this in the first trimester, I am only experiencing memory troubles now. I find the memory problems and increased difficulties with concentration and focus to be quite aggravating. I think that for the most part, the things about pregnancy that bother me the most are the things I take the most for granted. Sure, there are lots of things we take for granted, but nothing more so than the things we believe we are especially good at. I happen to think that I have a good memory and excellent concentration, so to witness and admit to some flaws in this domain is particularly. I am now finding my walk to work to be more trouble than it's worth. With the ice and snow this week, I walk very gingerly (of necessity) and the duration of my walk is twice what it once was. Also, sore legs and hips make it unpleasant starting about half-way through, and I have to take breaks. I feel like I get a shin-splint type feeling on the outside of my right leg which causes me to limp on the final leg of the journey. And inevitably, by the time I reach work my edema has had a field day. So... it may be the bus for me this week, short a ride as it is. It's probably safer to travel in this manner during the winter anyway.

Here is an interesting piece on research on prego memory loss:

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