Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Week 36 checkup

On Monday I had my week 36 checkup. When I arrived there was another prego in the waiting room of the clinic. She was far larger than I, which is saying something at this point. As I discovered, she was going to be induced on the next day and was thought to be carrying a 10 lb 4 oz baby. Rebecca seems quite a reasonable size by comparison. The nurse gave us each a urine sample container for whenever we felt motivated to contribute a sample (hooray, no waiting). As a bonus, I managed to take the sample without getting any pee on my hands - this is a real achievement at this point considering: a) you can't see anything you're doing, b) there is a giant belly in the way, c) the relevant anatomical bits and pieces are engorged at this point. As usual, despite my timely arrival, they took me about an hour late. I nearly feel asleep in the waiting room - in fact, although I had the foresight to bring a novel with me, I was so tired that I couldn't concentrate enough to read. The other person in the waiting room was a very young teenager with a very new baby. This girl looked decidedly unhappy, despite having brought a relatively cheerful friend with her. Was she even sixteen? Hard to say. I have met so many women of my own age - jubilant at the prospect of having their babies, that it was an odd contrast to be confronted with someone for whom this might not be the most wonderful or anticipated of events. As usual, my urine test, weight test and blood pressure tests were all fine. Rebecca's heartbeat was 120 bpm, which is also perfectly fine. She remains in the "ready" position, which is good. While I was at the clinic, they were taking a phone call from someone whose baby is transverse (head up) - quite a problematic situation. I had my exciting dual swab test for Group B Strep - results to be divulged at next week's appointment (at which point the baby will be considered full term). Basically, she's good to go. I briefly discussed my birth plan with my obstetrician. Since I don't want anything special or freaky (freaky like preserving your own placenta for later consumption etc.), there really wasn't a whole lot to say. There are two fundamental aspects of my birth plan: (1) I do not enjoy pain and have no qualms about eliminating it - providing the means is not too painful, (2) I will put up with whatever is deemed best for Rebecca. My obstetrician made me the official keeper of my own prenatal records - this will facilitate things when I have to go to the hospital, and gave me the obstetric triage phone number. I also got a requisition for an ultrasound. For some OBs, ultrasound at this stage is standard practice - this one is mostly for my peace of mind. I was worried that Rebecca's movements had really decreased. While I was 100% certain she moved every day, I didn't feel certain that she was moving ten times a day, so the U/S is to check the amniotic fluid level. It is possible to have low aminiotic fluid (for a variety of reasons), including microtears in the amniotic sac (in which case, at this stage, you probably induce labour). Subsequent to my appointment I started logging daily movements and realized that Rebecca easily makes well over ten movements a day. I think my confusion was due in part to the fact that she is very crammed, and both the number and intensity of movements has really gone down. I don't expect that they will find anything amiss. Also, I am sleeping a great deal (though, obviously not at this moment), and I probably miss a lot of her movements for that reason. I am anxious to finish work - the work day just slays me. Sometimes when it hits noon, I doubt my ability to make it through the rest of the day in what passes for a state of consciousness.

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Tiens bon Madeleine... Encore une semaine et tu seras en vacances :-)