Monday, September 15, 2008

Becca's potty training saga: Day 2

Today was the second day of potty training. Rebecca was hyper all day long, and while still sick, had at least regained her appetite. We started off with a "morning pee" trip to the potty. She was successful and the subsequent awarding of stickers seemed to motivate her a great deal. Maybe she just needed time to process all the new expectations and tasks? At any rate, there were numerous successes, and I feel as though there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray!

  • Rebecca still seems to regard training pants as a variant of diapers. I am trying hard to fix this.
  • Rebecca had one big poop in her diaper (sadly, this messed up nap time) but didn't make any effort to tell me about it. The only reason I figured it out was because she wasn't sleeping like I was expecting.
  • Far more stickers are landing in "execution" than "communication". Most stickers are in execution is due to the hourly potty trips.
  • I had to use my big person voice to get Rebecca into the bathroomseveral times - it worked, and there were no tears, but it is somewhat frustrating. My best method for getting her into the bathroom if she is disinclined, is to convince her to show off her skills for Lucy.
  • Rebecca is still easily distracted. I don't think she's making an effort to listen to her body cues.

  • There were four pees in the potty, and one poop.
  • Rebecca told me when she needed to take her morning pee.
  • Rebecca seemed more enthusiastic about earning stickers.
  • Rebecca stayed on the potty a long time if she anticipated that a pee or poop was on the way.
  • Willing to pull on or pull off her training pants with help from me. I'm not doing it all by myself anymore (although her contribution is minimal - especially if she has brought toys into the bathroom).
  • Willing to wipe with help.

Rebecca brought the inflatable T-Rex and the Parasaurolophus model into the bathroom for one particular potty session. She opened the lid on her flushable wipe box and then made her dinos "eat" the contents.
Also, during yet another potty session, she brought a toy car. While she waited for pee to happen, she drove the car along the walls of the bathroom and the edge of the tub. Maybe I should bring her some reading materials???

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