Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Becca has musical taste!

Every now and then, daddy puts some of his music on, including some music DVDs.

My Stevie Ray Vaughn, Midnight Oil and Tragically Hip DVDs are in rotation.  Also sometimes I'll toss in Ray and skip around to the musical numbers.

About a week ago, Rebecca went through the DVDs, picked out the SRV box and brought it to mom and said "Music please".

She requests it occasionally now, will often sit and watch for a few minutes then go and do her thing.  I foolishly thought that meant that she wasn't listening anymore as she was off prowling around the house.  I turned it off and Rebecca came running.  "Music back on!"

She has also fallen in love with Ray Charles, and requests it as well, though that's a little more hands on as skipping around to the music numbers is necessary, avoiding the creepy dead brother scenes.  I'll have to pick up a Ray Charles best of CD or something.

Until recently the only music she requested was Dan Zanes Catch That Train, which isn't objectionable either.

So, now on to getting her into the Oils, Hip, Wide Mouth Mason and the Trews.  ;)

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