Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another tooth for Lucy

After weeks of pain and screaming, Lucy finally has her second tooth. It emerged yesterday morning, which was fortuitous since I had to take her on an airplane.
Lucy was actually an excellent passenger on both flights we took, sleeping almost the entire time, and charming the flight attendants. On the first flight, she was crying wretchedly at the gate. I think the other passengers were alarmed at the prospects of sharing the cabin with a yowling infant, but we showed them Lucy's angelic side.
I wish I could say that the trials of teething are over, or that Lucy was enjoying a much-deserved respite, but it seems as though she is already working on more. It is so difficult to watch your child suffer. Somehow, her sunny disposition still peaks through between the monster barfs, the finger-chewing, the screaming, the diaper rashes, and the tears. There have been some fantastic cuddles as a result of the teething - so it's not all bad. :)
Lucy is beginning to scrutinize our food and beverage consumption. It is one of the things that happens before babies are ready to eat solids. It is a little unsettling at first, especially if you are holding her, but mostly it's humorous. She made some amusing attempts to drink Greg's diet cola yesterday night, but did not prevail. I still intend to hold off until 6 months of age if possible, however, Lucy is a very large baby, and I might have to start her on solids early if she begins to need a midnight snack to make it through the night.

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