Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scary toddler development

We bought Rebecca a new Disney Princess puzzle. This one was 48 pieces, and in less than a week, she mastered it. I am so impressed with her problem solving/logic skills. That a generally completely irrational person can look at a puzzle piece depicting abstract gold doodahs and deduce that it is Jasmine's crown amazes me. The image you see is not the puzzle picture (which I couldn't find), but merely an indication of how the princess puzzle is made harder by having all the characters dressed in more elaborate bejewelled golden versions of their normal "costumes". Apart from this, Rebecca continues to expand her mastery of spoken language. She has been eliminating many of her former baby words (we miss some of them!), and constructing more complex sentences. She uses possessive pronouns properly too. Her alphabet and number recognition (visual recognition that is), is going well, although she has trouble on occasion when she is required to distinguish between letters that are close to up-down mirror images of each other (such as M and W, and A and V). She is also confused by number zero and letter O. I am slowly gearing up for Potty Training Weeken with Becca. She seems to be both physically and mentally/emotionally ready for training and is keen. I had been waiting for jealousy/regression issues related to Lucy to subside to a more manageable level, and I had also been waiting for Rebecca to give some indication that she dislikes a wet or dirty diaper. The latter was a long time in coming, but the repeated used of "feel cold" Pull-ups seems to have helped. Now, I just have to pick a weekend. Yikes.
Rebecca is very sweet with Lucy these days. She likes to hold her and greet her, kiss her and talk to her. I am pleased by these developments. Of course, there are still bad days. Lucy is in the midst of some pretty painful and disruptive teething, and a major growth spurt, so she requires a lot of attention these days. Rebecca will sometimes walk up to a wall, bang her head against it (just once, thank god - not like before), and then fake cry for attention. It is extremely frustrating.
Rebecca has decided that Music=Catch that Train (by the awesome Dan Zanes). Nothing else is music to her. In the car - Catch that train! In the house - Catch that train! And of course, she knows the words, and makes up dance moves. I think my favourite part is when she sings "I don't want your millions mister". Nothing like a toddler singing about the Labour movement.

Even though there are times where I have dinosaur stickers stuck to my feet, vomit in my hair, no sense of the day of the week, and two little people expressing their disatisfacton with the standard of care they are receiving, I still feel very lucky, privileged, and happy to be the Mommy of Rebecca and Lucy. At 4am when someone crawls into my bed and puts a sippy cup under my back and a skanky blanket in my face, but hugs me like there's no tomorrow, I feel as though I have it so good, I shouldn't even express it out loud for fear that something will take it all away.

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Annie said...

Je ne sais pas si c'est parce que je manque de sommeil (!) mais ton dernier paragraphe m'a fait pleurer. C'est vrai que même lorsqu'on se fait réveiller à 4-5 heure du matin, on est quand même pas mal chanceuse!