Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 months and 8 days: Lucy rolls over back to front!

My flyboy was off to the airport, and thus, I found myself once again the master of bedtime. I had come to the story part of Rebecca's nighttime ritual, when Lucy began to wail. I pondered the merits of intervention - often Lucy will resettle herself, and it is very disruptive to Rebecca to splinter her nighttime routine. However, after a few minutes of wait and see, the wailing increased and it became obvious that I needed to do something. I apologized to Rebecca, promised an extra story (or two) as a reward for her patience, and I went to check on Lucy. Lucy was on her belly in her crib, with one leg through the rails. No wonder she was annoyed! But hooray - Lucy rolled over! Unfortunately, she still has to learn rolling front to back, so I may need to make periodic rescues of this kind. This particular milestone grants me a measure of relief because I no longer feel as though she can really get stuck.

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