Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I consider Becca to be (usually) an excellent eater. She eats a wide variety of meats, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, and starchy foods. Lately her willingness to try new things has evaporated, but given her range of food favourites, I have not been overly concerned.
Except... lately she has become too fond of hummus and pita.
This might not seem like a bad thing to most people, after all - this is fairly healthy fare. However, imagine living with someone who wants to eat pita and hummus every day at every meal (sometimes to the exclusion of other things). Imagine a toddler with wicked garlic breath and a crown.
It's 7:45 AM, and someone is wailing at you... she is wailing for HUMMUS AND PITA!!! Explaining that it is not a breakfast food doesn't really cut it.
The picture associated with this post shows Rebecca preparing to eat some hummus and pita. We used to let her dip her own pieces of pita into the humus container but we had to stop for a few reasons:
1 - Sometimes she would lick the hummus off her pita and redip it
2 - If she thought we weren't watching, she would use an available utensil (or failing that - her finger), to avail herself of hummus (sans pita!).

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