Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lucy 4 month appointment

Lucy turned 4 months old yesterday! Aaaah!!! How can so much time pass by so quickly?!?!
We took her to the GP for her 4 month checkup and vaccination today. Lucy now weighs about 15 and a half pounds, and is 65 cm long. She is therefore in the 90th percentile in terms of height and weight for her age. Apparently, it is good that these things are proportional. She was quite vocal about her dislike of the shots - and while I was able to soothe her immediately, she went into a second round of wailing shortly thereafter which may have simply been the result of being tired. At any rate, while she seems to be generally more sensitive to pain than Rebecca, I was pleased that Lucy did not give me the same look of betrayal and accusation that Rebecca used to give me during her initial vaccinations. Of course, Lucy did manage to vomit in my hair, on my neck, and down my shirt during our visit to the doctor's. In addition, she peed all over the outside of a fresh diaper and I had to be given one of the ones kicking around the office which seems to have originated in the 80s (based on the size, materials, and shape). I'm not complaining, but it is funny/interesting to see how diaper technology has changed.
Lucy's height means that she is 1cm from the limit on her infant car seat, so we will have to switch her to a toddler seat before the next appointment. I will be happy to say goodbye to the heavy infant car seat which is so awkward to carry and weighs a thousand pounds.

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