Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yet another prenatal appointment

Weight gain since last appointment: 5lbs. Deemed acceptable
Blood pressure: Acceptable
Fundal length: As expected
Fetal heart beat: Just fine
Urine specs: All good, plus I didn't get pee on my hand. Hooray!

Babootwo was kicking the Doppler and making it difficult for the doctor to get a reading.
I have a requisition for glycemic testing in the new year. This time I will bring a better book so I don't have to worry about nearly falling asleep and bungling my results. As bad as the first glycemic test is - the second one is deadly and involves way too many needles. That and the pseudo Orange Crush drink is even more horrific to consume.

My next prenatal appointment is my ultrasound the first week of December. Then the gender truth will out, and I will start referring to Babootwo by an actual name. This might help with explaining things to Rebecca.

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