Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or treating

What fun! Rebecca wasn't scared, though Grandpa and I weren't able to get her to say 'Trick or Treat' at all. I had some success getting some sort of three syllable word starting with 'T' during the day, but not in the evening. She did manage a couple very cute thank-yous and byebyes though.

She is an absolute chocolate fiend. We had a box of leftover mini chocolate bar treats, and kept reaching for it saying 'food' today. Maybe we could have avoided giving her all those Caramilk bar chunks yesterday.

Ah well, the leftovers have been banished from the house now, so hopefully out of sight, out of mind.

She definitely enjoyed all the pumpkins, and the decorated lawns. Next year she'll really 'get it' and it should be even more fun.

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