Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Teething is back...

Rebecca is only missing four baby teeth - the upper and lower so-called 2-year molars. These are a second set of molars that generally appear - you guessed it - at around the age of two.
It is about as bad as the first molars were. Happy Becca can be playing joyfully, and then just start screaming. Her hand is constantly shoved in her mouth, and she spent the better part of lunch fishing small ice cubes out of a glass - presumably to suck on. There are not really any teethers that can reach that far back. So far, she has rejected her teething biscuits, and manages to avoid swallowing any Tempra we try to dose her with. The random screaming and crying is just heartbreaking to hear. Rebecca's pain and frustration may or may not be responsible for a refusal to wear socks and shoes. This would be o.k. except for the fact that it's 4 degrees C in the daytime, to say nothing of the night. I guess if I was subject to bursts of pain in my mouth, I would want to exert a little control over my life too - even if it was only a strike on footwear.

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