Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's not about measuring tapes at all

So, Rebecca has apparently lost her fear of measuring tapes. I am actually starting to believe that something else was the problem. She doesn't like it when other people touch me. She has become very possessive of me. This morning I woke up with yet another pull in my neck (not surprising since yesterday I knew something was already amiss). I had Greg massage my shoulders and neck, and this made Rebecca UPSET. She immediately intervened. I suppose I should be happy she didn't pee on me to mark her territory. What am I going to do about this now!? Searching for this type of info online has been frustrating because all my searches are confounded by the much more common issue of sibling jealousy. I managed to find one or two semi-useful tidbits, but I had to wade through many articles on over-possessive parents and jealous toddlers to find anything of use. The upside, was that I started to do some reading on how to prevent your toddler from being jealous of a new arrival - which I suspect will be our case.
The ladies at the childcare centre at our gym continue to tell us that they find Rebecca to be very active compared to many other children. They say that much of her "on the go" behaviour is typically more common in boys of the same age (the exception being when Dora is on). Greg told me that they also mentioned that they feel her vocabulary has greatly increased recently. My Mom made the same remark after having been away for a few weeks. We are too close to the situation to notice this level of change ourselves.
Rebecca shows an increased interest in numbers. She can count to ten, but refuses to acknowledge numbers 3 through 5. If she is playing with her toys in her room, it can sound something like this: "One, two, six, senen, aht, nine, ten!". She won't answer a question like "How many X are there?", but she will take objects that are the same type of thing (like puzzle pieces, or diapers, or blocks) and lay them in a space one by one, while counting aloud.
Also, for some reason, she is saying "licht" for "light". I don't know why.
She knows how to say her middle name, but the closest I have heard her come to "Rebecca" is "Decca".

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