Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Rice krispies experiment

Rebecca is beginning to show a preference for foods that she can feed herself (unless it's yogurt, which is always welcomed). After many frustrating attempts to feed Rebecca meat purée at supper, I decided to let her try feeding dry rice krispies to herself. We started with a bowl, but she seemed inclined to just dump it, so instead, I poured rice krispies onto her highchair tray. Although many rice krispies ultimately arrived at locations other than her mouth, she had great joy in scooping them up with her hands and shoving them in her gaping maw. I never had to worry about choking - she seems to handle the cereal quite well (if not gracefully). And she was very happy. Of course, now the floor is crunchy, and I am finding rice krispies just about everywhere. Who cares though! (Are you reading this Mom?). Actually, what was the best moment was when Rebecca decided to feed rice krispies to me by shoving some in my mouth. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (To be honest, in the compliments department, nothing beats the little trick-or-treater who came by and said the house smelled good - a ringing endorsement for my curry if every there was one).

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