Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rebecca update: 11 months

It's been awhile since the last post, so I thought I might give a broad update.

Eating - Rebecca continues to display a willingness to try new foods - including beans and flavoured rice. Unfortunately, she still despises my oh-so-healthy baby vegetable paella, and once it's in her mouth, she'll do her best to reverse the situation. This includes sticking her tongue out as far as possible (with food on it), or reaching into her mouth and removing the food with her fingers. As I was warned by my GP, Becca is somewhat disinterested in the eating process of late - unless some aspect of it is entertaining (i.e. unless she is feeding herself). In fact, barring instances where she feels unwell or frightened, she insists on holding bottles for herself (sometimes one-handed), and is now a sippy cup master. We have started introducing homo milk into her bottles along with the formula, so that when we do the switch over, it isn't too traumatic. I don't know if she's even noticed. Certainly, it does not bother her.

Skills - Greg has finally seen Rebecca walk - a whopping 6 steps too! I don't know what it was that happened, but suddenly, Becca has more confidence about her walking, and makes multiple attempts (successful), every day. She still crawls, does a lot of cruising along furniture, and by no means is exclusively walking, but she is somehow less afraid. We don't need to trick her into thinking she is holding on to something - she will go it alone. Rebecca has also acquired the following skills recently: sweeping things out of the way with her hands (specifically toys on the floor) and kicking a soccer ball (she really likes this). It is increasingly difficult to get her to sit in her car seat if she doesn't want to. She is too smart. And her hands are suddenly huge.

Teething - still working on the first molars. It comes in fits and starts, but the last few days have been bad. She is moody, shrieks or cries at random, shoves her fingers in her mouth, and had me up multiple times one night just for cuddles (I literally could not remember the last time she had gotten me up so often - which goes to show how much we take for granted).

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