Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day 101: Update

According to my pregnancy journal , baby Smudge is at day 101. Days remaining (if the baby is delivered on the due date) are about 165. Sometimes I feel like I am never going to reach the end. Nine months is a long time.
I am almost completely reliant on maternity wear at this point. The only non-maternity clothing I can get away with is anything large and bulky or generously adjustable (sweatshirts, Thai pants).
I continue to experience discomfort in the form of sore back and ribs. It isn't painful - it's a dull ache, but it's difficult to ignore.
There is definitely some belly going on and it sits there - solid. It touches my legs when I bend forward. I am finding the heat harder to bear (especially with all this humidity), but Greg got an A/C unit for our bedroom, so that makes a world of difference.
I went grocery shopping yesterday night (just wait - this will eventually relate to pregnancy). The cart I was using was a bit stiff - I guess the wheels could have used some lubrication. Anyway, turning the cart was incredibly difficult. I never realized it used those precious stomach area muscles that are now unreliable for me. I found it easier to just kick the wheel until I got it pointing the right way than to manoeuver the cart with just my arms. I am never grocery shopping without Greg again.

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