Sunday, March 1, 2009

I keep saying I should write these things down

So now I'm going to!

I present - random funny things:

Old Guh-dah-mill had a farm
That's right, Rebecca loves to sing Old McDonald had a farm, but is challenged by aspects of the pronunciation. It's very challenging to keep a straight face (and I do try, because I don't want to offend her). The best part is when it comes time to select the onomatopoeia. Often, Becca selects kitty-cat, doggie, or horse. Sometimes we get zebra - which is glorified horse. But on other occasions....

And on that farm he had a ... milk (?!?!)
E - I - E -I - O
With a ... squink, squink here (?!?!?!?!?!?)
Squink, squink there
Here a squink, there a squink,
Everywhere a squink, squink

Speculation abounds.

The Koala Brothers
Do you know about the Koala Brothers?
They are two koala bear brothers named Frank and Buster, that live in the Outback, and they like to help other people. Bonus - they fly a plane (perhaps Greg can type it for us). Anyhow, Rebecca loves this show - and we have a DVD which is almost perpetually in use (about as popular as Miss Spider in our house).
So, what's funny about this?
What happens when a preschooler watches the same DVD about a billion times?
She starts to say some words with an Australian accent.
Words like "water", but especially names of the characters - for example "Archie", "George", and the "Buster". Only, having little frame of reference for a name like "Buster", she says "Pasta" instead. So, now it's Frank and Pasta.

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